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4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Good Design

When starting your own online business it’s easy to think that once your website is online the customers will start buying. But an online business is more than just putting together a website and then sitting back expecting the customers to come rolling in. The quality of your products and services, your content and how you drive traffic to your website all have a role to play. But the actual design of your website also has a significant function in the overall results of your online business.

If you have a site to do business online, how well does it convey your brand and does it project the emotions you want it to project? Here are 4 major ways design can impact your online business website.

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1. Search Engine Optimization.

In the past, good website design didn’t much matter much for Search engine optimization requirements. Google would check your website content and determine how to rank you the search engine listings. Today, Google still looks for these components but they now also use machine learning algorithms to determine design characteristics that high-quality websites have in common. This involves elements like straightforward navigation, clear page structure, good use of images, illustrations or photos and speedy loading times.

2. Website Metrics.

When you start an online business and your website visitors see it as a professional business, they are much more likely to remain on the website for a longer period than if the website looks poor, unorganized and sloppy. This is why good website design affects your website metrics (eg, your bounce rate, your return rate, your average time on site, etc.). The better your website metrics, the better you will rank in Google.

3. Generating Traffic.

Bringing in traffic to your website consists of getting new traffic and getting people to return to your website after their first visit. If you have a good design, people are more likely to want to return to your website. People visit websites that they feel a solid connection to. When you start an online business, your website visitors need to feel that the information on your website is legitimate and that you have put time, care and focus into developing your business.

4. Backlink Strategy.

Good website design helps build backlinks. Backlinks are links back to your website from other websites. If you have a badly designed website, not a lot of people will want to link to it from their website. Having good design helps increase your authority. Websites with a lot of relevant backlinks will be viewed positively by the search engines.

Regardless of your age, education or technical skills there are no specific requirements for being a successful online entrepreneur. However, you will be more successful if you have a solid business model to work from, clear direction and support. If you don’t know where to start or you’re not achieving the online success that you want, check out Zicorb for its amazing services.

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