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Digital Marketing

Enjoy one of the fastest-growing industries in the world by leveraging sales online. We’ll help you build a scalable, secure platform that will guide your buyer through a seamless purchasing process.


Our Marketing Department is made up of experienced Marketing Experts Who are able to use their social media marketing skills to help any size of a Company in any Industry.

Help You Reach Your Goals!

At Zicorb, We help You Help your Business Understand & Benefit from the use of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Our social media management and advertising services remove the complexity of social media for business owners and let you stick to what you know best — “Running Your Business!


After several months of research, we discovered that many Shopify store owners were really struggling with improving their low conversion rates.

Reach Your Highest Potential.

We decided to set up a team of experts who are specialized in e-commerce Conversion rate optimization but most specifically who really understand how Shopify works. 

Seeing good e-commerce entrepreneurs who have worked their butts off doing a lot right to get sales, but only to be left with low sales (or none!) Unbeknownst to you, you could be one foot from sales you dreamed about. So, Partner with us and make your store Grow more and more…


In the World of e-Business, emailing leads and Customers is a very powerful marketing strategy that can easily help you to close new sales pretty quickly and at the same time keep your customers alert for new Products/Services arrival.

Reach Your Ideal Clients

But even though this is known, sometimes you may not have the time or the tricky technical skills to get your e-mails up & running regularly to make sure you always have your Customers & Leads Covered!.

With Our Marketing experts, you get to improve your online Business through the Creation and/or the acceleration of results-driven E-mail campaigns.


Sometimes It is difficult to really manage or maintain your websites or social media pages, groups or handles. We are here to help you do that in a perfect way.

Grow Your Audience

Communicating and interacting with your audience is an important way in building your customers trust. 

We help You provide a great post on your social media, website and other necessary platforms. We engage so well with your customers and give them the best customer experience possible. We make them feel like they’re directly communicating with you.


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