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How We Rebranded, Redesigned & Redefined a Small Business

A Case Study on Kids First

The team at Zicorb loves helping small business owners rebrand—from bringing website redesign ideas to life to increasing engagement on social media. It’s not only because we’re passionate about the work, but also because we love seeing our entrepreneurs succeed.

Now, I know it’s almost silly to mention how challenging the year 2020 and 2021 has been for small businesses. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times! But the fact that it was such a difficult year for many small businesses made the rebranding work we’re doing for a small business like Innovative Sleep Solutions that much more impactful.

Kids First’s original website wasn’t supporting or increasing leads or sales at all. They had a finicky shopping cart system that was challenging to use. The site featured an outdated design and a lack of compelling SEO copy. There was no mention of their values or health-centred approach, which are what set them apart from the big-box stores.

With numerous technical and marketing/branding issues, they weren’t getting any online sales. While they were getting in-store purchases before COVID-19 came along, the pandemic put a stop to that.

Zicorb needed to pivot fast and create a robust eCommerce site and implement a new online marketing strategy. It was time for a fresh approach, so this is how we modernized Kids First’s brand to give them a competitive edge going into 2021.

A complete brand and website redesign. From the logo to the product pages, we made sure Kids First’s branding was consistent and engaging across all pages of the website.

Like we do with every client, we started with an in-depth brand analysis to define their unique selling proposition (USP), target audience, company vision, brand positioning and more. This analysis reinforced the need to give their existing logo a brand refresh. It was not only outdated, but it did not reflect the healthy vibe that was needed to position them differently from other T-shirts and clothes sellers.

The logo redesign process was a collaborative one bringing David and Bruno into the mix every step of the way, ensuring the final design was one they loved and knew represented their brand positioning accurately.

Our next step was to develop our website tech specs, keyword analysis and site mock-ups. (A mock-up is a layout that shows what elements will be on a web page. You don’t just start creating menus, slapping on images and putting in links on a live page!)

It’s important for small business owners to understand there’s so much more to a website redesign than picking logo colours and font sizes!

For example, a big part of the process is taking the user experience into consideration. What process flow will they go through to ensure an easy experience while on the site? When designing and developing the Innovative site, we wanted to make sure site visitors immediately know they are in the right place and can easily find the products they need. Additionally, ensuring a site looks great on any device, from desktops to smartphones is critical. Images and font sizes may look perfect on your computer but break or look crowded on a phone screen.

While there’s a great deal of creativity involved in implementing website redesign ideas, a lot of your success depends on well-executed web development. Since we don’t use cookie-cutter templates, purchased themes, or DIY 3rd party site builders, our clients know they are getting the best quality-built site that will showcase their brand perfectly. The Innovative site was built in WordPress using a customized WooCommerce plugin for the shopping cart system. We also integrated Constant Contact for list building and having the ability to send abandoned cart emails to those who leave the site without finishing their purchase.

As you can see, unless you’re a marketing/technical/designer guru, rebranding your business isn’t a DIY project. There are too many important branding, programming and implementation elements at stake. No matter what industry you’re in, you should consider hiring a full-service professional web design and development company.

It took lots of communicating and working together to get to the finalized KIDS FIRST site. But we love the process, and we now have another website and rebranding project to be proud of! Contact us to get a service like the case study above.

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