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The Importance of Brand Messaging for a Successful Website.

I’m sure you’ve landed on someone’s website and felt like something was just… wrong, or maybe you were suddenly turned off without even knowing why. Chances are, you quickly clicked back to find a competitor’s website, where you felt more comfortable and secure.

Your visitors could feel the same way if you don’t pay attention to how you come across to your target audience. That’s why it’s crucial to identify your brand style before you redesign your website.

In this article, I’m going to share some questions you need to answer to determine your business brand identity and create the most effective website possible.

Compelling, benefit-driven copywriting. People aren’t going to buy from a small business if the copy focuses heavily on product specs or lacks a cohesive story. It’s when you start to talk about why someone wants what you’re selling that you can truly reach your target audience.

An additional challenge for Innovative Sleep Solutions: they’re selling high-end products at the lowest price, but buying a mattress is still a considerable investment. So, we knew we needed to quickly capture people’s attention with the right copy, rather than highlighting price points.

As part of our online marketing strategy, we looked for what problems each product solved. For example, a lifestyle adjustable bed is ideal for not only people with a medical condition such as acid reflux but also for folks who like to read or use a laptop in bed.

Similarly, we learned a magnet therapy mattress acts like a mini electric heating pad to stimulate blood flow and deliver nutrients to repair and heal damaged tissues while you sleep. You wake up pain-free and rejuvenated.

Isn’t that much more interesting than product specs?

Creative flat lay top view photo of UX designer working space and office supplies on white background. User Experience Design Process concept.

Innovative Sleep Solutions’ online marketing strategy also includes landing pages and blog posts with carefully chosen keywords to further explain the benefits of their products and maximize SEO for more organic traffic.

Strategic ongoing SEO, SEM & social media campaigns. Our work doesn’t end when the website is complete! To help Dave and Terry stay competitive, make sales, increase leads and engage their audience, we have now turned our focus to concentrated SEO, SEM and social media campaigns.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a non-paid online marketing strategy that centres around optimizing your website and content with words and phrases that people would type into a search engine.

By doing keyword and competitor research, we created target keywords to use across the website and within the copy.

SEM stands for search engine marketing, also known as paid search. The most commonly used paid search tool is Google Ads. By buying traffic that drives to the website, we’re fast-tracking the site’s way to the top of the search results, and hopefully increasing sales.

We can drive paid traffic to any page or product on the site. We do this effectively by:

? Targeting geographic areas? Creating ad campaigns that speak to the target audiences in those areas? Writing relevant ad copy that will entice and compel their target audience to click on the ad? Monitoring continually for clicks, impressions and conversions

SEM can be a great online marketing strategy to ramp up at the time of a site launch; you can then reduce your paid ad budget as you move higher up in the organic search results with SEO. We’re also sprinting forward with an Instagram-centric social media campaign that visually showcases their healthy sleep solutions.

The process of bringing website redesign ideas to life is a collaborative, iterative one. It takes proper planning, working with a professional marketing team and testing and tweaking as you go!

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